Big Data and Technologies for Tailored Therapies and Prevention

The 4th Annual Conference this year introduces the next generation researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs with different facets of personalised medicine. Together with scientists, physicians, engineers, ethicists and entrepreneurs, we aim at discussing the challenges that modern medicine confronts and highlight the ongoing revolution and importance of personalised and digital health.
How can consideration of factors such as genetics, ecosystems (microbes and toxins), behaviour and lifestyle improve standard healthcare systems? What are the risks and benefits of personalised healthcare? How do we protect our data ? How do we deal and process “big data” ? What are the examples today of innovations which are already making significant differences for patients ?
Join us in Auditorium SG1 at EPFL if you want to get the answers for these questions and for many other.

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  • Innovation Forum
  • Conférence
  • 17/05/2018, 16:30
  • 17/05/2018, 21:00
  • Auditorium SG1, EPFL
    Route Cantonale
    1015 Lausanne